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At K2 we are at the forefront of the fast growing, renewable energy industry, providing a comprehensive range of sustainable services to assess, quantify and effectively deliver renewable energy strategies to public and private organisations.

By taking a commercial approach to renewable energy, we drastically reduce our clients’ energy use and carbon footprint while at the same time maximising income streams via fuel bill savings and Government subsidies.

K2 can provide a full turnkey solution to complete all elements of a renewable energy installation including: project management, site management, mechanical installation, electrical installation and finally testing and commissioning.

The sustainability and low carbon sectors are among the fastest moving in the UK with incentives and the technology to reduce company overheads. As such, we are able to guide clients to the most appropriate solution and through the process; designing systems to meet government requirements on renewables and building a system to develop with every business.

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Mechanical Services

At K2 we have the skills and experience to provide the highest level of service...

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Electrical Services

K2’s electrical engineering department have extensive experience in the...

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Design Services

The K2 design team work closely with contractors, architects, consultants...

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Renewable Services

At K2 we are at the forefront of the fast growing, renewable energy industry...

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